CineHawk | Drone and Film Specialsts
Cinehawk is a hub of experienced freelance operators providing high quality film production services. We supply drone aerial cinematography services and everything else worldwide.
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Professional Freelance Cinematographers

We Are Cinehawk. Based in Cornwall but offering drone services worldwide.. born from a love of moving image and extreme sports. We bring an enthusiastic, professional attitude to all of our shoots. We simply love what we do and whether its shooting a feature film on a cliff top in Cornwall, an international brand travel series in Iceland or a BBC news piece on solar energy installations we always bring our ‘A’ game. The passion for mind-blowing imagery runs deep and our drones are just one of the ways we capture this amazing planet.

Drone TV and Film Work

To get quality aerial video your platform has to be stable and your gimbal well tuned, all our drones has unparalleled performance in these areas making us a great choice for directors and film makers.

Gimbal Operators

We have several gimbals available for carrying a range of cameras from DSLR up to Alexa Mini’s and Red Epic. We also have two segways to help you get those long, super smooth shots that look so great.

Buggy Cam

New to the team this year the Buggy Cam brings a fresh new angle to our filming capabilities. Fast and fully stabilised this little beast can deliver flawless low level shots in a variety of scenarios.

Motion Timelapse

Creating epic timelapses has been a passion of ours for many years. We have a fully automated motion timelapse rig with pan and tilt facility that can be fitted to any lenght of track you might need.

Film Equipment Hire

Over the years we have invested in a huge amount of equipment, and its no good sitting there whilst we’re using other kit on other jobs. So if your looking for something specific, drop us a line and we’ll see if it’s available.

Underwater Filming

Our passion for film has come from the ocean. Gone are the days of taking a GoPro out to capture water footage.. now it’s all about getting the Red Epic in the housing and shooting some gold.


Contact us now to see how we can get your next project airborne